2020 Data Visualization Survey Challenge — Learning Data Visualization

One of my courses in the Data Science program is Data Visualization. In this course, I’ll be able to learn on presenting my data in a different visual format like graphs.

One of the activities that I needed to work on is to gather information from the 2020 Survey on the Data Visualization professionals dataset, you can access it here. My goal here is to get information from this dataset and present it using visualization tools.

As an aspiring data scientist, I always wanted to know WHO are these data scientists/professionals. Well, not necessarily to get their personal information, but to know regarding in what professions they belong to, how do they spend their time to harness their skills in using data science tools. These are the questions I have in mind that I want to answer based on this dataset. And here’s what I got:

Figure 1. Undergrad Major of DataViz Professionals and their Learning Method

In figure 1, I get the undergraduate professions and how they able to learn data visualizations. From this graph, I could say that the highest number of data viz professionals came from Science, Math, and Technology major and they are studying at their own pace. What caught my attention here is the one that I highlighted, the “NA” major, they are the ones who answered NA in this question “If you went to college, in what area was your undergraduate major?” I’ll discuss more of this, in the next figure.

Figure 2. Distributions of “NA” major

This is the continuation of the discussion in figure 1, wherein I breakdown these data viz professionals who answered NA in the question regarding their undergraduate major. This result is inspiring to me because as a beginner in this field and as an IT graduate it really inspires me to study more that will enhance my skills and be a better data scientist in the near future.

Figure 3. Spent Time in Building Portfolio

Based on this figure, I get information on how much time they spent in building their portfolio. It’s not surprising though that the science, math, and technology major mostly spent their time in building their portfolio because from their group comes the highest population of data viz professionals. To me, it means that if you want to learn something, you need to invest you’re time in learning or applying what you’ve learned into a project, and for this instance creating a portfolio is one thing that we can do to enhance our skills in this field and that’s what I looking forward to, creating my portfolio too to practice or to apply all the things that I have learned.

By the way, I used MS Excel for this activity (I’m still learning other viz tools such as tableau, python library) and I used also one type of graph to present my insights from the dataset. (Please drop your reviews on the posts in the comments section and also let me know if you have references in learning these tools or any materials that would help me to enhance my skills in data visualization). Thank you.

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